The conflicting situations that are the starting point of my work are communicated using different media, mainly photographs, videos and objects. I use these elements so as to create discrete levels or planes behind or in front of the pictorial surface. The aim is to infuse the image with depth, liveliness and three-dimensionality so as to make it seem more real both to me and its eventual viewers; another aim is that it would enable me to share the original conflicting situations with the viewer. My term for the final works installed in a gallery or some other venue is ‘situation sculpture’.

Viiskulma (2017)

changing five-channel situation sculpture



The place/site I decided to work with is familiar to me as home area. I used to live there about 20 years. I got to know people in coffee bars, shops and streets and I felt myself home.

By interviewing and constructing a five-channel construction with videos and sound, I research my relation to this area. 


Every artist has an own way to process and make a work. My way is to collect the information I can and I see the punch of it as an independent work. I think I create an objective situation for a viewer, who can stop for a moment to think about it and their own relation to it.


The work consists of five videos projected on the screens and separate sound clip. Audience can listen to the stories of the interviewed persons one after an other. And in the screens they are seen altogether in same time, but not heard. With this kind of solution I am referring to the layers of the perceptions and the collected memories.


The Viiskulma -situation sculpture is different from my other works. It can be changed, by opening or closing it, depending on the space where it is placed. If it were open, audience could get in the center and feel the interviewed persons around oneself while the projectors would get placed outside. Now the projectors are placed inside the screen-construction and audience see it as a one unit, a form.


I thank

Nika Junker

Pia Kaila

Heta Kuchka and Stefan

Emu Lehtinen

Shenoll Potori

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom

Olivia Luukas

Jari Saariaho

Kalle Järvenpää

Jorma Saarikko / Pro Av


Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo / Avek


Pattern-images, 2017

The still collages of videos, printable in different sizes. 

Pattern 1 & 2

The Pattern 1 & 2, were site-specifically constructed to the Galleri Erik Axl Sund in Stockholm January 2017.

Visual Intuitions


The work I have made in Stockholm at the gallery Erik Axl Sund, is a unique work of art specially made for the gallery of the writers. The writers of the trilogy of the criminal fiction I have been impressed. I thought how these two men, Jerker and Håkan, who I didn’t know before, could have an ability to bring out the situation of Scandinavian persons. The requirements of the poor, simple and severesocial environments versus personal needs. I became inspired and wanted to make my version in my way, with  the skills I have gathered and gained.

I am visual artist and I express myself visually. My solutions for the problems have been ’situation sculptures’, which are each one made for and from specific situations, starting from the year 1990. The eldest video of this series of my ’children’, as they are all born with deep effort, is ’Bath’, with which I washed myself out from the art school, with help of the art teacher.

These videos were originally shot for the installations, which I started to call ’situation cultures’ , in year 1992.  I collected some some of them and brought them with me to this unique gallery. I intuitively combined them to the visual map on the wall by projecting them together from video projectors, each one from the own source as they have all and each own history and meaning.


After discussions with Jerker, we decided that I will work with still images of the videos after working in the writers’ gallery. It was only possible in writers’ studio with their writing tool, which has a photoshop-programme. I worked out eight different collages of video stills of my life. Supposedly something similar to the every person who likes to work with photos and selfies. What is different to that is that my videos were originally ’three dimensional series’, which were analyzing my life and helped me to work with themes, which couldn’t be expressed with words. The eight collages are now ready and I am very interested to know if other people associate themselves to these videos and images. Did something similar happen to them? Or what do they see in these works? Can they express something I couldn’t?


3.-30.5.2013 Performance Center Suvilahti Helsinki.

No Person in the Image 2007-2014

In the collection of Mauri & Jette Christiansen in Copenhagen. Installed with the paintings by Olav Christpher Jenssen. New combination 2014.


Music by You/Me Helsinki (Asko Keränen & Marjatta Oja), Images by Marjatta Oja & Dave Berg, edited by Marjatta Oja.

Distributed by Av-arch, Helsinki.

For viewing:


In the screening Explorations & Relations- Video arte y performance finlandes en Naranjo, Espacio Naranjo Madrid Spain, Feb 22 2014.


Bookville-video was shown in 'Future Shorts' compilation in Flow-festival in August 2013

and takes part in international competition of  Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes - FENACO Perú in November 2013.

Bookville was also shown in Helsinki Short Film Festival in November 2013.

music+video available in Av-arch Helsinki