The conflicting situations that are the starting point of my work are communicated using different media, mainly photographs, videos and objects. I use these elements so as to create discrete levels or planes behind or in front of the pictorial surface. The aim is to infuse the image with depth, liveliness and three-dimensionality so as to make it seem more real both to me and its eventual viewers; another aim is that it would enable me to share the original conflicting situations with the viewer. My term for the final works installed in a gallery or some other venue is ‘situation sculpture’.

Recent Exhibitions

Aurinkogeneraattori 15, Galleria Jangva 1.7.-2.8.2015

Solargenerator-exhibition in Gallery Jangva


Due to Sound, Hämeenlinna Art Museum and Gallery KONE 2015

image:opening of the exhibition 19.2.2015


Hämeenlinna Art Museum 20.2.-12.4. and GalleriaKONE 6.-24.3. 2015


A new video 'Transformation' presented in Media Art Up-exhibition,

in Cablefactory exhibition hall in Sepetember 2014.


Still of the 'Transformation'

Exhibition view with audience.

Check-chek! AAVE Festival 2015 trailer by Dave Berg with music by You / Me Hymiö smile

The video with You/me music In the AAVE Festival in addition to the trailer music.