The conflicting situations that are the starting point of my work are communicated using different media, mainly photographs, videos and objects. I use these elements so as to create discrete levels or planes behind or in front of the pictorial surface. The aim is to infuse the image with depth, liveliness and three-dimensionality so as to make it seem more real both to me and its eventual viewers; another aim is that it would enable me to share the original conflicting situations with the viewer. My term for the final works installed in a gallery or some other venue is ‘situation sculpture’.

Recent Exhibitions

Seminar in Hexagram Montreal published 2013

Solar Generator / Aurinkogeneraattori, organized and curated with Hanna Johansson and Paula Salmela.

 The Solar generator exhibition

The Solargenrator exhibition was opened in the Staffas manor and its park on Monday 1.7.2013. In the exhibition works relating to renewable energy, experimental technology and innovative ways of using these were shown.

The starting point for the exhibition was the observation that artists often use technology in an imaginative or wrong way. This means that they by mistake sometimes come upon new uses for appliances, which were originally meant for something completely different. Artists also create alongside the mainstream or in the margins ways of doing things and come up with technological, social and ecological suggestions.

Vilkettä ja tajunnanvirtaa-the recent history of the electronic art,

Kerava Art Museum, Finland


'Table' was the first work made with a combination of video projection and spatial dimension, and publicly shown, at least in Finland. The spatial dimension is connected to the situation in the video -having coffee with friends. The experiments with sculptural forms and every day situations developed to an artwork, in which the objects and hands are in the middle of the view in the exhibition space. 



The Table (orig. 1989) work can get shown now by Vilke Collection. Thanks to FixC artists Co-operative. 

Vilke Collection is focused in Finnish media-video art, experimental film, and web-based art. The objective of the collection is to bring together various works that are topical in their times and where the idea, structure or action is essentially linked to the technology applied in them. Electronic and media art is transitory by nature, and even the most significant works do not often win the wider attention of the art world. The Vilke Collection reinstates many of these works of art that have fallen outside museum collections and the official canon of Finnish art history.

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Song by You/Me Helsinki (Asko Keränen&MarjattaOja). Video edited by Marjatta Oja & Dave Berg. Images by Marjatta Oja & Dave Berg. 

Available in Av-arch Helsinki. Viewing: