The conflicting situations that are the starting point of my work are communicated using different media, mainly photographs, videos and objects. I use these elements so as to create discrete levels or planes behind or in front of the pictorial surface. The aim is to infuse the image with depth, liveliness and three-dimensionality so as to make it seem more real both to me and its eventual viewers; another aim is that it would enable me to share the original conflicting situations with the viewer. My term for the final works installed in a gallery or some other venue is ‘situation sculpture’.

Lähienergia/Local Energy -art event, 2017, Lapinlahti


Thu Aug 24, 12 am-10 pm 


PIENENERGIA art exhibition

Art works by Antti Maasalo, Egle Oddo, Kristina Sedlerova and Justin Tyler Tate. 

Ajatus archive (Archive of Thoughts).

Compiled by Marjatta Oja.

* Venetsia building, 1st floor, 12am-10 pm.



Artists and scholars will tackle the topic of energy from various angles, from those of emphaty, psyche and art making. The language of the panel is Finnish.

1.00 pm - Lapinlahden Lähde

1.15 pm - Introductions

Petri Ruikka, Mari Keski-Korsu and Maarit Laihonen: Regenerative Notes – Reflecting and Developing Empathetic Practices in Post-Fossil World

Riikka Stewen and Mikko Salmela: Psyche and Energy

Hanna Johansson and visual artist Katarina Reuter: Everyday energy need

3.30 pm - Coffee break & Performance “Ark of Seeds - Arboretum Corporis" by Egle Oddo

4.30 pm - Panel discussion, moderated by Hanna Johansson.

* Venetsia building, 2nd floor, 1 pm-6 pm.



The artists transport two spectators at a time in a mobile pinhole camera (camera obscura) attached to a moving bike. The landscape of the route is projected for the spectators to view in 3D and in color, without using any electricity. 

* Departures in front of Venetsia building, 6 pm-10 pm 



What does the annual consummation of electricity in a flat in Helsinki sound like? In a sound artwork commissioned by Local Energy art event, musicians interpret the consummation graphics of electrical energy and produce four variations of them with the least possible energy. The live performance takes its final form in collaboration with the audience.

Seppo Kantonen, oration, walking, iPad

Arttu Partinen, cassette deck and effects

Liisa Nassir Tolonen, production

* Performances at 6.30 pm & 8.30 pm (duration 50 min)


Free admission to all events – Welcome!

Organised by Local Energy workgroup.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki.

In partnership with Lapinlahden Lähde.


"Jälkiä maisemassa ja maiseman jälki" - Ajauksia-ryhmän vetämiä kokemuksellisia kävelyretkiä Helsingin Lapinlahdessa. / 

"Marks in the view and a trace of the landscape" - Experimental walks by Ajauksia group in Lapinlahti, Helsinki.

PE / FRI 25.8 klo / at 12-15

LA / SAT 26.8 klo / at 19-22

SU / SUN 27.8 klo / at 8-11

Lähtö Venetsia-rakennuksen edestä. Seuraa opasteita. /

Departure in front of Venetsia building. Follow the signs.

Ehdotamme erilaisia tulokulmia paikan kokemiselle ja kehollisen energian pohdiskelulle. / We will suggest a variety of different angles to experience a place and to approach body energy.

Mitä on kehollinen energia ja miten sitä syntyy? /

What is body energy and how is it generated?

Mitä kokemuksen heilahdus, avautuminen, rajautuminen, kerrostuma, herkistymä tuottavat? / What does a swing, opening, bounding, sediment, sensation of experience produce?

Kävelyn kesto on 2,5-3 tuntia. / 

Duration of the walk is 2,5-3 hours.

Pukeudu sään mukaan ja ota oma kuppi mukaan / Dress by the weather and bring your own cup with you!

Retket ovat osa ArtsEqual -hanketta ja Lähienergia-tapahtumaa 22.8.-3.9.2017, Helsinki. / The excursions are part of ArtsEqual -project and Local Energy Art Event organised 22.8.-3.9.2017 in Helsinki.